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Yellow Gold Oolong:

Yellow Gold Oolong is a lightly fermented Oolong tea which produced in Anxi, Fujian. It is made from the fresh leaves of the Huang Dan tea plant.It's plucking and producing method is similar as Ti Kuan Yin.

Yellow Gold Oolong is also called "Tou Tian Xiang", which means "Fragrance throughout the sky" ( According to the myth, a tea farmer in Anxi during the Qing Dynasty came upon a special tea tree. He brought it back home and breed to around 200 trees. After cultivation with care and processing, he tried the tea with his neighbour. When the tea is brewed, the fragrance rushed out when he open the lid of the lid-cup.So it is also called "Fragrance throughout the sky".)

The appearance of yellow gold oolong is tight,thin and curly with a glossy yellow leaf color.The color of the soup is bright yellow. The taste is mild and brisk with a long lasting fragrance. Yellow gold Oolong earn the high praise by its characteristic aromatic aroma like sweet-scented osmanthus.

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