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Ti Kuan Yin tea:

Ti Kuan Yin tea, which translated as "Iron Goddess of Mercy", is worldwide well-known Chinese Oolong tea. It is also called "Ti Kuan Yin" or "ti kwan yin". The dry tea leaves of Ti Kuan Yin is much heavier than other Chinese tea. In China, it is described by such words as "weigh like iron". The unique flavor of Ti Kuan Yin tea praised by Chinse tea farmers as the present bestowed by Kwan-yin ( Kwan-yin: A goddess in Chinese fairy tale). Hence, Ti Kuan Yin tea is so called.

Tie Guan Yin

Ti Kuan Yin is also the name for the variety of tea plant. The pure plant of "Ti Kuan Yin" gets its bynames of "Red Heart Kuan Yin" or "Red Hue Kuan Yin" because of its fuchsia tip of the tender buds. Other plants which also named after "Kuan Yin", such as "White Hue Kuan Yin", "Thin Leaf Kuan Yin" etc, are also suitable to make Ti Kuan Yin tea, but the Ti Kuan Yin tea made from "Red Hue Kuan Yin" variety has the best quality.

The original producing area of Ti Kuan Yin tea is Xiping village of Anxi county in Fujian province. Till now, the production of Ti Kuan Yin tea in Anxi has lasted more than 200 yeas. Currently, Ti Kuan Yin tea is mainly produced produced in Fujian and Formosa. In Chinese mainland, Ti Kuan Yin tea generally refers to any Oolong tea that made from "Kuan Yin" varieties.While, In Formosa, Ti Kuan Yin tea refer to any Oolong tea that made by manufacturing technique of "Ti Kuan Yin". The Ti Kuan Yin tea made from "Red Hue Kuan Yin" variety is specially named as "Nanyan Ti Kuan Yin" or "Red Heart Ti Kuan Yin".

The appearance of Ti Kuan Yin tea is "dragonfly head, spiral body, frog leg, mogalsar geen leaf covered with white frost. heavy body". When steeping, Ti Kuan Yin tea is firstly tasted mellow with strong fragrance. After several infusions, the Ti Kuan Yin's fragrance is still remain. At the same time, a sweet aftertaste quickly rise from the throat. Indeed, it's hard to correctly describe the Ti Kuan Yin's flavor. Right or wrong, Ti Kuan Yin's unique flavored is named as "Kuan Yin flavor". Also, Ti Kuan Yin tea wins the reputation fo " lingering fragrance remain after seven times infusions".

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