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Gunpowder tea information:

Gunpowder tea, which called "Zhucha" in Pinyin, also known as "pearl" tea in China. Gunpowder tea is so-called because it is rolled into small balls resembling gunpowder pellets. Gunpowder tea is one of the main Chinese green teas for export. The main China producing area of gunpowder tea is Zhejiang province.

Pinhead gunpowder tea is produced in Pinshui town of Shaoxing City in Zhejiang province. As historical records state, Pinshui town was ever the largest marketplace and trade area for gunpowder tea, so Zhejiang green tea is prouded by "Pinhead gunowder tea" internationally stage by stage.

The quality of gunpowder tea is examined and appraised by the following six factors:

(tea before infusion):

  • Body: The body to be small, rounded, tight and heavy body is the bette; The tea with large, oval, loose and unwound body is the worse.
  • Regularity : The tea which correctly blended to match the standard sample of each grade is the better..
  • Color: The tea with dark green and looks smooth is the better; The tea with scorched color is the worse.

(tea in infusion):

  • Soup color:The tea with bright and green/olivine cup color is the better. The tea with deeply yellow and unclear cup color is the worse.
  • Fragrance: The tea with pure and lasting fragrance is the better; The tea with coarse and short fragrance is the worse.
  • Taste: Mellow and tasty taste is the better; Harsh and weak taste is the worse.
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Art. No Tea Name
3501 Gunpowder Grade Special
3503 Gunpowder Grade Special
3505 Gunpowder Grade Special
9372 Gunpowder Grade 1
9373 Gunpowder Grade 2
9374 Gunpowder Grade 3
9375 Gunpowder Grade 4
9475 Gunpowder Grade 5
9575 Gunpowder green tea
9675 Gunpowder green tea
9075 Gunpowder green tea
9175 Gunpowder green tea
9275 Gunpowder green tea
8509 Gunpowder green tea
8609 Gunpowder green tea
8622 Gunpowder green tea