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Dragon Well tea information :

Dragon Well tea is one of the famouse Chinese green teas which not only popular interiorly but also welcomed overseas. Dragon well tea is a flat shaped green tea looks like the sparrow's tongue.

The production of Dragon Well tea began from 1200 years ago. The earliest dragon well tea is produced in the tea producing areas surrounding ancient "Dragon" well below the Lion Mountain of

Zhejiang province. As the expand of producing areas, dragon well tea generally refered to the teas produced in west Lake area. In 1970s', the plucking and producing technique of dragon well tea was rapidly spreaded in Zhejiang, also spreaded to other tea producing areas in China. Currently, dragon well tea is generally referring to the slap-up flat-shaped stir-fried green tea that made by the similar plucking and producing technique as West Lake dragon well tea. To differentiate dragon well tea from different producing area, the name of "dragon well tea" is always preceded by the name of its practical producing area. For example, dragon well tea from Xinchang is named "Xinchang dragon well tea".( Xinchang, a city of Zhejiang province)

"DRAGON" well

The "well" is an actual spring-fed well (a circular stone enclosure where the water is gathered) with a temple and a teahouse nearby--not far from Hangzhou. Legend has it that during a severe drought a resident monk summoned up a lucky dragon he'd heard was in the neighborhood. He prayed, and lo, the rains came, the crops were saved, and the peasants rejoiced.

West Lake Dragon Well Tea:

Tea has long been grown in hills around the West Lake. In "Classics on Tea" written by Lu Yu of the Tang Dynasty, the first treatise on tea leave production, the West Lake area was recorded as tea producing area. In the Song Dynasty, West Lake Dragon Well Tea was presented to the court as tributes.

West Lake dragon well tea is renowned as "green in hue, strong fragrance, mellow taste and pretty appearance". It is soft but far, fragrant but fresh, having a distinctive style. Poets always express their ardent love for West Lake Dragon Well Tea using the beautiful words like "golden sprout" and uniqueness. So it's not strange that a poet wrote the following poem for dragon well tea: " Such scenery is so wonderful that I'd rather be a tea grower than a poet."

The Dragon Well Tea can be divided into four marks, namely, "Lion", "Dragon", "Cloud" and "Tiger". Among them, "Lion" is taken as the best. Tea leaves of the Dragon Well Tea is just like a bowl of pins, flat and graceful, smooth and even, fresh yellowish green. When soaked in the teacup, it stands straight high, looking like a flower.

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