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Blooming tea

Blooming tea
Tea will bloom into floral bouquest. This amazing handmade artistic tea is a well balance of the health benefit of tea & Chinese herbal flowers.

Ingredients of blooming tea:

1. tea leave(Camellia sinensis)
2. Dried flowers. Following flowers are used:

  • Carnation--Dianthus carryophyllus
  • Easter lily--lilium longiflorum Thumb
  • Jasmin--jasminum sambac
  • Florists Chrysanthemum--Dendranthemamorifolium
  • Globeamaranth Flower --Gomphrena globosa
  • Sweet Osmanthus--OSmanthus fragrans
  • Rose Species--Rosae Rugosae
  • Pot Marigold --Calendula officinalis
  • Roselle----Hibiscus sabdariffa
  • Chinese globeflower--Trollius Chinenses

Blooming tea A01


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Blooming tea A24


Brewing tips for blooming tea:

1. Prepare a nice teapot(cup) which large enough to infuse the blooming tea. And put one piece of blooming tea into it
2. Pour into boiling water,to warm the tea & teapot(or cup).
3. Pour away the first water, then pour boiling water again, bring to full volume.
4. Steeping for 3-6 minutes, the tea leaves will slowly open like flower blooming. Finally,the tea leaves will relax completely and the flowers inside will come out. Then, it's ready for enjoying.

Blooming tea packing:

Each piece of blooming tea will be packed in sealed small foil sachets. The foil sachets is in plain golden color without any printing. The size of the foil sachet is 8cm*8cm.