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Flavored tea

Flavored tea is a kind of reprocessed refine tea, blending tea leaves with other materials for scenting to achieve a special flavor. Of course, flaovored tea is not a simply blending of tea leaves with other materials. The processing of flavored tea utilizes the ability of absorting the environmental gassy substance to get the special flaovor. Today, the most popular flaovered teas are flower scented tea and fruity flavored tea.

Scented tea is made by mixing fragrant flowers with the tea leaves in

flavored tea

the course of processing. Complemented with flowers of subtle scents,scented tea yields a kind of refined flavor. The flowers commonly used for this purpose are jasmine and magnolia etc.
  • jasmine green tea: Jasmine green tea is a well-known favourite with the northerners of China and with a growing number of foreigners. Having savored the Chines jasmine tea, a foreign poet wrote a verse,saying:"I feel the flavor of spring, when I sip the tea of jasmine."
  • rose green tea,
  • rose black tea,

Fruit flavored tea:The fruit juice is processed with tea leaves to get a mixed flavor of tea with fruit. Most fruit flavored tea selects black tea as material for reprocess, wich named falovored black tea.

Flavored black tea:

  • strawberry flavored tea
  • pineapple flavored tea
  • apple flavored tea
  • lemon flavored tea
  • coconut flavored tea
  • Litchi black tea / lychee black tea

Flavored white tea:

  • lemon white tea
  • Mint white tea
  • vanilla white tea
  • peach white tea

Popular flaovered tea: Jasmine Pearl tea , Jasmine Silver Needle

Flavored tea products:

Art. No Tea Name
jasmine green tea
FML-FL002 Litchi black tea
FML-FL003 lemon flavored tea
FML-FL004 strawberry flavored tea
FML-FL005 coconut flavored tea
FML-FL006 vanilla flavored tea

Packing:In plywood chests lined with aluminium foil,paper cartons lined with plastic bag or aluminium foil bag,each chest or carton weighs 20-32 kg net